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What have we been up to in October?
29 Oct 2021

What have we been up to this month? 

Hi lovely readers, Danny here, welcome to this week's blog! We are hoping to write at least one blog a month to keep you all updated with our exciting 2022 events while giving you a sneak behind the scenes peek at our journey to our four Krazy races. Today I am going to cover what we have been up to over the last month and what we have coming up over the coming weeks. Sit back, relax and enjoy! 

So, where do I begin?! Since introducing myself back at the end of September, Sarah and I set to work behind the scenes preparing for a very exciting announcement that happened on the 15th October. If you don’t know what the announcement was, where have you been?! We brought the incredible news that not only are we back, we are back with a bang, with not one, not two but four Krazy Races for 2022 including the return of Shrewsbury Krazy Races on the 29th May 2022, Northwich Krazy Races on the 26th June, Birmingham & Sandwell on the 10th July and Wolverhampton Krazy Races on the 21st August.    

Leading up to our launch event, we updated and refreshed all of our website with our friends at six ticks, contacted our previous teams and spoke to all our lovely media partners including, J&PR and What’s On.  

We also pre recorded two interviews with Wolverhampton Community radio and Shrewsbury Biscuit podcast. Both were so friendly and enthusiastic!  

The launch weekend was very busy! I started the day bright and early at 7.30am to talk to the lovely John live on Radio Northwich, shortly after we launched our new facebook event pages and spoke to several newspapers and magazines before meeting Sarah at Radio Shropshire HQ to talk to the amazing Ryan Kennedy 

Saturday & Sunday was spent answering 100’s of questions from press partners, members of the public, new teams and businesses who want to work with us. 

The weeks since then have been a blur, we are overwhelmed by the tremendous support we have received since our relaunch and are delighted you are all as excited as we are for next year's events. 

Over the coming weeks we have several very exciting meetings lined up with potential partners and teams. Plus we have a very special ‘viral celebrity team’ who we are delighted to have entered one of our events.

We will bring you all that gossip next time!  

Danny Phillips

Head of Marketing