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What does Sustainability mean to Sarah Belcher Events?
17 Nov 2021

What does Sustainability mean to us? 

Hi lovely readers, Danny here, welcome to this week's blog! This week I am going to write about something we don’t talk about often but something that is really important to us as a business. With COP26 coming to an end, we thought now would be as good a time as ever to tell you a few of the things we are doing as a business to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do. Sustainability isn’t just about protecting our planet, it’s about supporting local businesses and giving back to the towns and cities we visit, to help everyone grow and benefit from what we create. Here are five small things we do that make a BIG difference. 


We are passionate about working with local companies. Be that suppliers, traders or charities. Buying locally sauced products dramatically reduces our carbon footprint while supporting local, independent businesses. One of our top priorities is building long lasting relationships with our partners, many of them have become friends over the years. So being able to visit them really helps cement that partnership to help our business and there's, grow and flourish. We also have a passion for quality so being able to see a product at sauce is essential to us. 


Following on from the first point, we work with businesses that have the same focus on sustainability and quality as we do. For our outdoor events we use lots of local traders. Before we consider any trader they have to provide a sustainability policy. This tells us what type of materials they use and if they are recyclable, their supply chain of products and carbon offsetting. We are also ensuring all our merchandise, signage and uniform is eco friendly, locally sauced and top quality. Our uniform is organic and made of part- recycled materials. We are also working with some exciting companies on eco friendly signage. 


It would be easy to miss this one, our main event for 2022 is our free to attend, award winning, Krazy Races, which sees self propelled karts racing against the clock. None of the vehicles have engines and many of our racers create their karts using recycled and upcycled materials turning trash to treasure in a unique, fun way as a team.


For each Krazy Races event we partner with a local charity or a charity that has a personal connection to one of our team members. In 2019 we raised over £20k for local charities including our headline charity. We are passionate about giving back where possible and supporting local causes. 


Last but not least, we are always willing to learn. That may be from other like minded businesses, friends and family or from you our readers. We don’t for a minute pretend we know everything on this subject. We know there is always more we can do and we are always learning and thinking of new ways we can improve. 

If you are a business who is passionate about sustainability, please get in touch, as we are always looking to learn and share ideas with like minded companies. 

Danny Phillips 

Head of Marketing