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The perfect office team-building gift this Christmas!
07 Dec 2021

It’s December already, where has this year gone? Struggling to find that unique gift for your team who has worked so hard over this challenging period? Why not enter a corporate team for a Krazy Races event near you next year?
Krazy races is a free to attend event that sees teams of up to five people, design, build and race a soap-box at one of our four 2022 events. This is a great event for corporate teams, bringing employees together who have had 18 months isolated, chatting to each other through a screen. Creating your corporate soap-box allows different members of a team the opportunity to improve key skills, from design to build as well as entertainment elements you can have a team building task for everyone.
With attendances at our events expected to surpass 20,000 and a monthly digital presence of over 100k throughout the U.K, these events are also a perfect way of getting your brand out there both locally and nationally. Each of our events raises £1000’s for our chosen charity as well as other local charities. Teams are encouraged to raise money for a charity of their choice which is great for companies who have a strong corporate, social, responsibility policy.
We have noticed a massive increase in corporate team entries recently with companies telling us that they are desperate to find innovative ways of getting teams together and we would love you to join them.
Visit our website for more info and entry details;

Our 2022 Krazy Races are;
Shrewsbury- May 29th 2022
Northwich- 26th June 2022
Wolverhampton- 21st August 2022

Danny Phillips
Head of Marketing