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techtimeout tuesday!
26 Nov 2021

Hi readers, Sarah here, Danny has handed this week's blog over to me to talk about something I am proud to be involved in and to talk about something we are all guilty of. In a world where we are all on our technology devices (mobiles, laptops, ipads and more) it’s easy to find ourselves mindlessly scrolling on social media, checking work emails at all hours and inadvertently cutting ourselves off from the people around us.  As a business owner, I am delighted to have found a local company who has recognised our daily struggle and has created a campaign that offers solutions, advice and direction to the addiction and pitfalls we all fall into.  Tech timeout website 

I am absolutely the culprit of this.  The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone,  if I get a notification in the day I find it hard to concentrate on what I am doing and have to check it.  I also find myself mindlessly scrolling and not even realising I am doing it. 

We all need technology for work and play and it offers some amazing opportunities but last year I realised, after the founder of techtimeout Steph, pointed it out to me, that my relationship with my phone was not always that healthy.  

I have two children who are fast approaching teenage years and it was important to demonstrate positive relationships with all our technology so we had a family rethink on when and when not to use technology.  We have a firm rule that says no phones at the dinner table. We introduced tech free time during weekends and we have no phones at night in the bedrooms.  (Although I am just unable to manage this rule!)  

As for our Krazy Races team, we encourage techfree time.  We don’t expect our team to respond immediately to messages and notifications.  We find this increases productivity rather than stopping and responding immediately. 

We are very excited and proud to be taking part and supporting techtimeouttuesday next Tuesday 30th November. I was lucky enough to work on the campaign last year and so excited that they are doing it again.  The lovely techtimeout gang are asking people to pledge a certain amount of time during the 30th November off technology.  We are pledging the whole day (although we may take pictures to show you what we are up to).  We have planned a whole day where we are out of the office as a team and on location.  

For more information on #techtimeouttuesday please follow the link  why not pledge some time with us.