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Shrewsbury Krazy Races team entry closes on 17th April!
14 Apr 2022

The race is on to sign up now for the wackiest event to be held in Shrewsbury this year as teams battle it out to come up with the craziest designs for the award-winning Krazy Races. Event organisers are calling for more businesses, charities, clubs and families to sign up teams and get creating their go-kart now The free-to-attend event will return to Shrewsbury’s Quarry on May 29th and already many teams have signed up and are busy creating their wild and zany go-kart Soapbox designs.

But teams who would like to be part of the fun only have until this Sunday, April 17, to sign up for the traditional SoapBox Derby.

The event will see thousands of spectators from all over Shropshire watching carefully crafted karts hurtle down a track, consisting of chicanes, obstacles, water features and more.

Danny Scoffin, Head of Marketing, urged people to sign up quickly for Shrewsbury as he said many teams have already begun designing their truly innovative carts.

He said: “Our first event in Shrewsbury was held in 2019 but the second one had to be postponed due to Covid restrictions on mass gatherings so many teams have loyally stayed with us.

“This means some of our Shrewsbury teams have been thinking about their designs for a while but we would love to sign up any final teams this week.

“It’s definitely not too late to sign up and we urge businesses and other groups and organisations to come forward and get creating.”

Mr Scoffin said teams are encouraged to raise money for charity, which is a great way for businesses to show community support while promoting their businesses.

There will be up to 40 teams in the race with a knockout style competition and trophies going to ‘fastest winner’, ‘best dressed’, ‘most innovative design’ and more.

He said: “It’s such a fun team-building activity as you need to work together to create the go-kart so lots of businesses tale part but it is also open to family and friend teams too.

For the second year, Krazy Races, a Sarah Belcher Events company production, is working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support in Shrewsbury after the 2019 event helped raise more than £20,000 for the charity and other causes.