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Entries still open for Shrewsbury Wacky Races 2020
28 Aug 2019

With the excitement of this years Shrewsbury Wacky Races event over, we are looking forward to next years race already.  The Krazy Races team have been busy planning and designing the course and challenging themselves to make it more exciting and difficult for our teams in 2020.  

For 2019, Darwin Composites created our fabulous podium and they have already been back in touch, eager to help us in designing and making a water bath (or puddle!) for the drivers to skid through, bringing excitement and splashes to the crowds and teams.  

We have also been looking at the idea of a split in the track, where drivers can choose to take a small jump and test the strength of their soapbox or take the slightly longer (but safer?) route around the jump through an 'S' bend - the choice is theirs!  

Height also seems like a good idea and we have been talking to a scaffolding company about building a starting ramp from which teams will have to launch their soapbox.  However, arguments have been breaking out as the design team is at odds as to how high we should go - at the moment we vary between 1m and 4m!  Either way we should all be able to see our teams much better as they launch themselves down the track on the day towards the River Severn!

So with all this in mind, who is up for the challenge?  Places are filling up with teams from across Shropshire including businesses, charities and families, some old faces and some new...but there are still places available for those who want to join the fun!

If you would like to enter we would love to hear from you, entry forms can be found on our new website from Six Ticks link here: 

Good Luck