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24th May 2020

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Northwich Krazy Races

Northwich Krazy Races

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Worcestershire - COMING SOON

Worcestershire - COMING SOON

Who are we?

Sparked by an ambition to bring the fun, wacky world of Soapbox Racing to Shrewsbury, Krazy Races aims to bring you all manner of races wild and zany across the West Midlands and beyond. As well as bringing back Shrewsbury Wacky Races for 2020, we are looking to bring more Soapbox races and, well... who knows what else we might spring on the unsuspecting public in the future!?

The brainchild of Sarah Belcher Events, our ambition is to deliver accessible, enjoyable and experiential events that create unique moments in time for our audiences that last a lifetime.

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